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La formation bilangue

International worker

For the first time in the history of Sophrology, 2 organizations get together to offer a bilingual Sophrologist training

formation sophrologie bilangue français anglais - CEAS paris

CEAS Paris and The Sophrology Academy in Ashford, the first Sophrology school in the UK, opened in September 2015 their first bilingual training, a unique offer in the world of Sophrology.

As regards the constraining context due to the Covid and the Brexit, since 2022, the courses take place in Paris at the CEAS.


To allow Sophrologists to be able to work in English in truly international situations.

  • Qualified French sophrologists wishing to work with clients in English
  • Students currently working towards a diploma in French interested in working in international settings

After their training and if they obtain satisfactory marks, the students will be awarded a “bilingual sophrologist practitioner” certificate from the CEAS Paris.


  • Students’ level of English is already good (this is not a language course)
  • Curriculum Vitae in english and french
  • Interview in english
  • Accessibility and safety requirements for persons with reduced mobility is respected.
  • Training takes place in Paris
  • 80€ deposit and 1 000€ (250€ per learning session x 4) : 1 080 €
  • Ask for a quotation, this training can be supported.

Conditions Générales de Vente.

For further information, and to receive the full programme, please contact us by email : contact@sophrologie-ceas.org or call us : +33 7 89 59 56 61


“The opportunity to have followed a bilingual course gives me the chance to support English-speaking clients. This specificity represents not only the possibility to have a real competitive advantage but above all the opportunity to provide our clients with a quality follow-up : working in the mother tongue makes a real difference ! “
"Thanks to this learning and practicing with other words and sounds, with a different approach, I integrated Sophrology in my life in a deeper and richer way. The challenge (and sometimes difficulty) to work and learn in a foreign language resulted in being a help, I think, to develop some of my skills”
“Each culture has its own way to translate the world. Discovering sophrology and specifically in English invites me to think about the words used. In France when you drive a session, you use a rich vocabulary. In England, you gonna be very pragmatic and efficient « straight to the point” ! A truely different way to work."
“Today, few sophrologists are practicing in English. It’s a real advantage on the market !”



  • A 8-day programme, 56 hours
  • A 4h-coaching after the training
  • Courses meet once or twice per month from 9.30 AM to 1.00 PM and 2.30 to 6.00 PM
  • Presential or synchronous online training